Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Room 18 2016

ROOM 18 2016

Mrs Kaur has got a lovely  Yr 3/4 class for 2016. The children enjoyed introducing themselves on the first day by playing different games. They are all settled in the class and to the class routines now.They have done a wonderful piece of art. They made their self portraits the Picasso way.

Field of dreams


At field of dreams we did....

pin drops and back drops with life jackets,we grabbed the life jacket when we jumped in the pool! And got in a circle. Also we talked about being safe in the water. This is how to be safe in the water....
if you are going on a boat ALWAYS WEAR A LIFE JACKET ON A BOAT!!Always be careful near water especially near the sea and two meter deep pools. The people who helped us were....
Ben ,JP and another instructor that we don't know.

by Natasha and Tainara

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Diwali week!!!

Its Diwali week  
Monday we did rangoli patterns and  they looked AWESOME!!!!! 


Tuesday  we made coconut ladoos  Yum! Yum !YUM!

.Wednesday we could write messages outside on a massive piece of cloth.

Thursday we wore our cultural clothes and we also
could get henna designs done on our hands.
not to mention we could try on a sari.
It was fun trying to tie a sari....(such a long piece of cloth- 6 meters)

Friday we had a spectacular Diwali                                                       assembly.
By Sophie, Nathan and Thomas

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Observation Art

Observation Art This Term

Room 18 has started on their art work for this term related to our inquiry learning on plants.  Keilah and Krishnaa brought flowers from their home. We had to observe the flower and the setting of the room and draw according to our own observation.  Most of us chose to draw and color the lily flower that Keilah brought, as Mrs. Kaur gave us step-by step instructions of it. We had to draw and redraw so many times before the final result and then we colored in using the pastels. 
We also merged the colors by smudging them in with our fingers or thumb.  we really enjoyed doing this art work.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

What do plants need to grow?

What do plants need to grow?

This term we are learning about plants. Room 18 brought their pots made of recycle stuff like milk bottles, disposable water bottles, disposable glasses, etc. 

The children filled in their pots with potting mix and then put in seed that they had brought in from their home.

Every morning they observe the progress of their seed and write it in their plant journal. Some of the children have also brought in the vegetable top to see if the leaves grow out of it if kept in water.

Room -18


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Term 3's exciting end


                        Term 3's exciting end

In week 7 room 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 went to Auckland Zoo we had a great time we learnt about pals and pests, tracking tunnels and how to get little animals into your garden like lizards and geckos.
However amazing that was listen to this!

In week 9 Hillpark School did a production at Manurewa Intermediate School called Magical Musical Memories
We all did a different decade from 1920s to 2000s it was incredible room 18,5,3 and 8 did the 1970s our songs to dance along to were major tom Saturday night fever and of course ma-ma-mia we were all so happy and most of us felt like we had sugar rush without any sugar at all after the show
Room 18 has loved term 3 2015 and hope term 4 will be just as amazing.

By Sophie